Things I Learned in Fort Collins

No one can argue that while traveling you always learn something new. Among the things I learn during  my visit to Colorado are the following:

  • Cats that move from Miami to Fort Collins acquire super powers. (if you doubt it see photo below)
  • Some orchestra conductors conduct with their head while using their baton as mere support tool. Please do not ask more about the subject since I was force to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • The concept of cold is a concept even more relative that what I have ever imagine. 40ºF is nice enough you don’t need a coat. 
  • Finally, there are certain comments only another asian drama lover can understand. Be prepared for the odd looks of those who do not know what’s going on.

A week ago arrived to Fort Collins leaving behind the warm Florida. To tell you the truth I’ve been wan. Raine and Lil-Raine moving to Fort Collins gave me the perfect excuse to visit that state.

I could say the visit will help me to acclimate to the cold before my trip. Because I know I’ll be facing real cold during my trip. But with temperatures oscillating between 50ºF and 10ºF, I felt like staying in most of the time. In any case, we had a great time, and of course long drama marathon sessions were part of the program. But we did a lot more than cuddle in a couch under a blanket staring to a computer screen.

I had fun with the martian cat a its super powers, including stealing chicken from the plate of those who don’t pay attention, and jumping at you from underneath the staircase when you are running to the toilet (Not cool Tymmy, not cool).

Also, a few days ago, we went to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. Visiting the mountains with two south Florida girls is certainly a new experience, and in a good way. The way the observe many things I’ve taken for granted, is not only refreshing, but also help me see things with new eyes. We were fortunate enough to run into a group of rams on our way to the park and with a group of elks while we were heading to the exit. It’s a pity that that is was so cold we could walk outside for long before we had to head back home. there was a snowstorm on its way, and we wanted to make it back home before it got bad.

On Saturday night, Raine and I had tickets for a concert of the Fort Collins Symphonic.

It was a pre-Valentine’s day program including Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet with readings from the original Shakespeare play in between. Being originally meant for a ballet, it had its moments, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless. I was also able to see in action one of Raine’s best friends, roboticraven, since she plays in the orquestra.

Finally, Monday we celebrated Raine’s birthday. We both got up early and headed out for a delicious breakfast at a Louisiana style restaurant. From there we went shopping and back home to where, with the help of Lil-raine, and under the close eye of Mr. Timmy the cat, we baked a cake for the birthday girl.
It’s hard to believe that in a few hours I’ll be parting to San Jose, where cherkell, who I can’t wait to meet, awaits me. Still, not knowing when I’ll be able to see Raine and her sister again makes me a little sad.

Until next time…


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